IDme | Analog and digital identification
Experience Design, Physical Computing

IDme is a physical tool for analog and virtual identification processes. It has the shape of a credit card but contains various identification documents: ID card, health insurance card, ATM card, credit card, driver’s license, membership cards and so on. Passwords and access codes for virtual accounts can also be saved on it. IDme makes all identification data available in one device and offers its user full, direct, and secure control over their transmission of this data.

IDme is a modular identification system. Data can be activated or deactivated depending on the scenario. Only the data that has been consciously chosen by the user is transmitted. The interface on the device includes a display and several buttons. For each button there is a corresponding RFID chip. With these, the information can be either displayed or electronically transmitted.

With the help of Fraunhofer IZM I realized a working prototype with an e-ink display and several RFID coils. The technical components are soldered on a PDB and the microcontroller was programmed with Arduino.